Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Does this name sound japanese?


I'm writing a fanfiction about Japan. The main character's name is Riina. I already wrote out her story and stuff and i'd rather not change her name. But i want the story to be authentic. So does Riina, sound japanese? If it fools the readers then i won't have to change it lol XD. But if it doesn't sound japanese- i'm ready to change her name to Akane. (Which is japanese)


Yes it does. You can write it like : りぃな / リィナ
Katakana or hiragana. Or you could even choose a Kanji for her.

Good luck with your story.;)

EDIT :* for 1st answer - There are lots of Japanese names that end with “na”. “Shiina, Aina, Hana, Haruna, Mana, Nana, Rina, Wakana etc.” (they have also kanji for them)

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