Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What dose a Japanese Idol have to have?


I wanna become an idol in Japan so what could get the Japanese public to like me?
I dance and sing to J pop but what else do I have to have? looks wise aswell?
Also how do i get noticed? How do i get people on Niconicodouga to watch my video?
If you think this is a stupid dream then simply don't answer because i don't give a damn


You have to start young - typically around age 14 - 17. You have to be super cute or super good looking and I really mean that. If you think you're not bad-looking or above average, i'm sorry but that's not going to cut it. For guys, you generally have to look feminine with smooth skin and big eyes. You have to be thin - and i mean this too. Not fat, not average ... but actually thin.

You MUST speak Japanese fluently and this means read and write it. All idols are part of a talent agency so if you want to become an idol, you have to join one - send in your application to any of the many talent agencies in Japan for starters.

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