Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Did America ACTUALLY try to paint mt. fuji red?


ok so did this actually happen? cuz I wuz lyk(that's right ppls I said lyk and there's nothing you can do about it....this is real defiance ppl!!)watching hetalia and they said that they lyk(said it again!!)did sooo I wuz wondering..............


No they never tried it.

The story changes depending on who is telling the story. There is no hard evidence to prove it that I can find.

One story goes (and I find this to be the most logical (sorta)). The idea was thought of dropping red paint on Mt. Fuji as a form of psychological warfare, however the idea was quickly dismissed because of the pure impracticality of doing it would be.

However you really can't find any evidence other then crackpot stories of "I heard my uncle bob who heard it from his cousin frank, who heard it from his neighbor...." type stories of this.


  1. i've heard two separate things about this subject.

    1: that the United Stated actually theorised that this would be a perfect way to decrease Japanese moral during WW2, however when calculating the amount of oil and paint it would take to complete this action, The United Stated discovered that this would be a very cost effective thing that could cause economic problems in the united stated during a time of war.

    2: The term, "Painting Mt. Fuji Red" was a metaphor for the vengeance that the United States wanted for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Dec. of 1941. The metaphor was translated, "We will paint Mt. Fuji red with the blood of our enemies" Though if this is the original origin of the term "painting Mt. Fuji Red" then it was more likely used by either an officer of the war, or a military newspaper.

    either way, i wouldn't put it past the US government to actually consider a ridiculous act like this. though i do love Hetalia's sketch to make fun of this idea. it truly proves that no country is without good, bad, and completely stupid decisions.

    1. &&& no. 2 makes a lot more sense ... but then again, this is America we are talking about here. Thanks Priceless911!

  2. Completely random and off topic but I like how Hetalia is what brings people to this page