Monday, December 19, 2011

Is this correct japanese? (sentence)?


I'm practicing verb conjugation and using the phrase "hisashiburi". Could you check that I'm using these words correctly? Thanks so much.

ものをとるのがだいすきです。 ひさしぶりにあなたのものにとられるですね?

It should say:

I love stealing things. It's been a long time since your things have been stolen, right?

If I'm getting it wrong, could you please explain exactly how? I'm trying to learn how to use のが and こと to conjugate verbs into their noun forms. Also, am I misusing ひさしぶり? What other uses are there for it?

Thanks a lot.


The first sentence seems correct, but there are some small errors on the 2nd,

Long time, いぜん = since, your things, とってしまいました = have been stolen

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