Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's you favourite natto brand?


Bonjour and welcome to my question.
I have always thought that the Japanese cuisine is sooo superb. One of my favourite Japanese foods, a bit surprisingly, is natto. Yes, I know some people think it is nasty and many foreigners as well as Japanese dislike it. But it is my favourite food ever since I ate it the first time in my sister's home in Sendai. Yummy.

I took the opportunity to teach English in Japan and I flew to here yesterday from my stinky American in Alabama. As soon as I arrived in Japan I went to a grocery store where I found out that there are just sooo many different natto brands such as Okame and Kin-no-tsubu and there is actually a whole isle dedicated to natto. Sooo stinky. It made me almost...well, I was sort of erotic moment, if you know what I mean.

So I have a question, out of zillions of natto brands, which one tops your list? I would like to know because I want to try them out myself, and I thought maybe I could know the most popular one. Thanks in advance,


I like Okame the best. It comes with rather small cups, which is convenient for me because it is just the proper amount when I make natto sandwich :) I always bring natto sandwich to my office as my lunch. It's sooo stinky. It makes the whole room stink of natto, which is very comfortable because it is Japanese people's soul food! I think. hahaha I just ate natto for my breakfast but this question made me want to eat it again!

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