Monday, November 14, 2011

Does anyone know the history of the chamorro dish estufao ? I need it ASAP ! :) Please & Thank You -?



The popular ritual of modern-day Chamorro barbecuing (which is technically grilling) is relatively recent in Guam history. Chamorro barbecue, as we know it today, began with frequency in the early 1960s when it became easy to purchase packaged meats and poultry. The evolution of ESTUFAO started around 1898 and through out the decades as other culture brought their ingredient to the marinade thus develope a certain dish.
The typical marinade consists of ingredients such as black pepper, onions and vinegar which were introduced shortly after the Americans arrived on Guam in 1898. Other ingredients such as soy sauce were brought later by Japanese merchants, and garlic powder at an even later date in recent times. Red peppers (donne), tuba vinegar (from fermented coconut sap introduced by Filipinos), lemon and green onions became important ways to flavor meat in stews (estufao

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