Monday, November 14, 2011

Whats the ticket from Amman,Jordan to Kyoto, Japan ?


whats the price going and coming back!
and what the best ancient hotel in Kyoto
i want a hotel that has a private hot spring a one where you spend with your husband?
if you can give me a link that has all the information i need please do and thank you!
and you have information from yourself that can be shared to :D thanx! <3


However there is no direct flights between Jordan and Japan, Turkish airlines and some other airlines provide flights. I'm not sure how much from Amman. But the ticket costs over 100,000 yen from Japan.

Turkish airlines

Kyoto has no airport. So you have to get Osaka or Tokyo and to get Kyoto by train (or bus).
Unfortunately there is no good onsen (hot spa) in Kyoto, especially center of the city.

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