Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to say these things in Japanese? 10 words past, neg. present, and neg. past conjugation?


How would I say these things in japanese?

I was hungry/ I'm not hungry/ I wasn't hungry- Onaka ga suita datta? ja nai? ja nakatta?

I was thirsty/ I'm not thirsty/ I wasn't thirsty- Nodo ga kawaita datta? ja nai? ja nakatta?

I was wrong/ I'm not wrong/ I wasn't wrong- Machigatte ita? inai? inakatta?

I was right/ I'm not right/ I wasn't right- Tadashikatta?- tadashikunai? tadashikunaikatta?

I was irritable/ I'm not irritable/ I wasn't irritable- Okorippokatta? okorippokunai? okorippokunaikatta?

I was full/ I'm not full/ I wasn't full- ippakatta? ippakunai? ippakattakunai?

I was satisified/ I'm not satisfied/ I wasn't satisfied- manzoku shita? manzoku shinai? manzoku shinakatta?

I was excited/ I'm not excited/ I wasn't excited- koufun shita? koufun shinai? koufun shinakatta?

I was wounded/ I'm not wounded/ I wasn't wounded- kega shite ita? kega shite inai? kega shite inakatta?

Finally, I was exhausted/ I'm not exhausted/ I wasn't exhausted- tsukare datta? tsukare ja nai? tsukare ja nakatta?

Thank you for your consideration and time if you choose to answer. Every bit of information is appreciated.


Be careful not to mix up "desu" with regular verbs. You do that occasionally. Also keep in mind that some of the verbs you have in present continuous "nonde iru" instead of standard form "nomu" so remember that the helping verb "iru" is what you have to conjugate.

1. OK
2. Regular verb: Nodo ga kawaita. Nodo go kawawnai. Nodo ga kawawanakatta.
3. If use are using continuous form (-te iru) this is correct.
4. last one should be tadashikunakatta. (you added an extra i)
5. Same as 5
6. ippai /ippai ja nai/ippai janakatta
7. OK
9.OK, but it's in present continuous
10. Use the verb: (in present continuous) tsukarete ita / tsukarete inai/ tsukarete inakatta

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