Saturday, December 10, 2011

In what ways did World War Two affect America’s economy, politics, and society?


best answer gets 10 points!

• Neutrality Laws and Isolationism
• Industrial Changes and economic transformation
• Social Changes: Women, Japanese-Americans, African-Americans, …
• Government propaganda and agencies
• Treaty and U.S. position in the world


Because of the Investments made By the USA from the Dawes and Young plans

where Americans American Companies and Wall St

who were Investing in Nazi Germany from 1924 made such Gigantic profits from their Investments

those that saw the Pending War reinvested their profits in their Ge many subsidiaries to make Bigger profits

Like ITT owned Fokker Wolf GM owned 80% of German Opel Ford Built factories In Germany and Russia and To prove his Loyalty to Hitler from 1933 Ford gave Hitler 50,000 marks on Hitlers Birthday up to 1944

Standard Oil IG Farben Texaco Made so Much out of WW2 it has never been disclosed
the Politicians were Claiming Neutrality and Isolationism when Prescott Bush Rockefeller Warburg Owner of the Chase Manhattan Bank FDR Lindbergh saw a way of Making Billions used JP Morgan to set Up the Hitler Fund to finance Hitler at great profits that is why Chase Manhattan Bank remained Open Up to July 1944 so the NAZIS could deposit the americans Profits

Hitler needed Stirling Swiss Franks and the US dollar to purchase war materials that is where JP Morgan came in

and Once the USA saw that their Friend Hitler was Loosing WW2 to the British found the worlds Biggest Spinner Lend Lease

Wall St at its best cause a War then make Your strongest Allie Pay for it

at the End of WW2 the USA had made so Much Money the allocated 20 Billion to the Marchall plan in 1947

$20 Billion equates today to $658,400,000,000.00 not bad !!!!!!!

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