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What events happend in japan in 1940?


what was a important event that occurred in japan in 1940 ( only the year of 1940 ) not the decade


1. 18 December 1939–11 January 1940, Battle of Kunlun Pass
The Battle of Kunlun Pass was a series of struggles between the Japanese and the Chinese in contention for Kunlun Pass, a strategically important position in Guangxiprovince.
The Chinese managed to halt the Imperial forces.

2. 8 January 1940 - Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe popularised the concept of Hakko ichiu (literally, "eight crown cords, one roof" i.e. "all the world under one roof") by using it in his speech.
After Japan declared war on the Allies in December 1941, Allied governments produced several propaganda films citing the Hakko ichiu as evidence that the Japanese intended to conquer the entire world. In reality, the idea was to create a “Great Asia”, which would unite all major Asian countries into one great Empire.

3. March 16 – April 3, 1940, Battle of Wuyuan
The Battle of Wuyuan was a Chinese counterattack that defeated the Japanese invasion of the Wuyuan area. It ended with Chinese victory.

4. 30 March 19940 - The Japanese set up a puppet government called Manchuko in Nanking, China.

5. 1 May – 18 June 1940, Battle of Zaoyang–Yichang
The Japanese, by now frustrated by Chinese resistance, were seeking a quicker solution to achieve a Chinese surrender. Their attack, however, did not commit many troops or materiel, which enabled Li Zongren, the main Chinese commander, to repel the Japanese.

6. 9 July 1940 - Forced Hospitalization at Honmyoji
Forced Hospitalization at Honmyoji, also called the Honmyoji incident, was the forced hospitalization of leprosy patients living near Honmyoji Temple, in the western suburbs of Kumamoto, Japan.
July 1940 - Eruption of Oyama Vulcano
The eruption resulted in 11 deaths.

7. 20 August – 5 December 1940 - Hundred Regiments Offensive
It was one of the major offensives during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

8. 22–26 September 1940 - Invasion of French Indochina
Also known as the Vietnam Expedition, it was a move by Japan to prevent China from importing arms and fuel through French Indochina. Japan occupied northern Indochina, which tightened the blockade of China, and made continuation of the drawn out Battle of South Guangxi unnecessary.

9. September 27, 1940 - Tripartite Pact
Japan signs the Tripartite Pact (also known as the Three-Power Pact, Axis Pact, Three-way Pact or Tripartite Treaty). It was a pact signed in Berlin, Germany on 27 September 1940, which established the Axis Powers of World War II. The pact was signed by representatives of Nazi Germany (Adolf Hitler), Fascist Italy (foreign minister Galeazzo Ciano), and Imperial Japan (Japanese ambassador to Germany Saburo Kurusu).

10. October 1940 - Kaimingjie germ weapon attack
The Kaimingjie germ weapon attack was a Japanese biological warfare bacterial germ strike against Kaimingjie, an area of the port of Ningbo in the Chinese province of Zhejiang.

11. 15 November 1939 – 30 November 1940, Battle of South Guangxi
The Battle of South Guangxi was one of the major battles between the National Revolutionary Army (China) and Imperial Japanese Army. The battle ended with Chinese victory; by November 1940, Japanese forces had evacuated from Guangxi except from some coastal enclaves.

12. 25–30 November 1940, Central Hubei Operation

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