Sunday, December 11, 2011

Would it be wise to return to Tokyo with my two year old son and wife who is japanese?


My wife's family in hachioji tell us that tokyo is fine and there is no radiation there! im not convinced but if need be we can go to another city in japan? does anyone have any ideas or should we keep away????


This is an on-line Geiger counter based in Hino, a few miles north of Hachioji. The top graph is the current reading and the lower graph is from a year ago (before the problems). At the moment it's 18 CPU - the background radiation in Denver is *75 CPM and **25 CPM in California…

You can see that there is only normal background radiation of the moment.

Here's a scary map made on Friday 9th Dec and if you can read the kanji for Hachioji... it's safe.…

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