Monday, December 12, 2011

I want to go to Japan for six months, I need to know where to start.?


My husband is deploying sometime after April, I would like to do a language immersion course of study in Japan for my bachelors degree in Japanese. I have two young children, so I would be bringing my mother as a dependent to take care of my kid's while I was in school. But I don't even know where to start (Except of course getting a passport). I am very financially stable and receive Military BAH (Basic housing allowance) while my husband will be gone.

I would like to know where to start, Student visa, possibly for me? Six months is quite awhile, and perhaps a dependent visa for my mother, but I'm not sure if my information is correct about either of these things.

I could really use some help, just the whole process from start to finish. Where do I apply? Can I even apply with my mother? can I bring my kids? What types of Passports/Visa's do I need?
Thank you so much for any sincere answers, I really appreciate it.


Welcome to Japan!
Go to this website.
Just let me know when you arrive at Japan and tell me English.

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