Monday, December 12, 2011

Please check if my sentence is correct?



I wanted to say: I answered all the questions but I am not sure if everything is correct because of time pressure. I studied vocabulary too much.

Please check grammar and correct translation. And tell me what's wrong.

Thank you!


Sorry. But your answer is far from a correct answer. You need to put a break first of all.

I think you wanted to say "I answered all the questions" with this. But you need to put 。 at the end. And this is a bit rude way to say it.

You need to say like 全ての問題に答えました。

Well, this is not bad as "because of time pressure"

This is not correct at all. You need to say
答えが正しいか分かりません。 or

Your last sentence is not complete.

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