Monday, December 12, 2011

Why do people from all over the world stereotype so much?


I'm German and whenever people from other countries want to offend me they mention "the past".
I don't take it that hard and I can take a joke . Trust me I can,I'm going out with an English lol
But sometimes it can be annoying and even a bit painful.
Because people always have that certain image . I'm not saying everyone ,but some still do.
What do you think ?


I had the same issue when I was abroad. for some funny reason, it's only the English-speaking people who're like that though - no Russian/Polish/Spanish/Italian/Japanese will bring that up, not even the French.

I'm saying 'not even the French' because some argue that Brits, and Americans, are making these obnoxious 'jokes' not only because WWII was the last war they had (and won), but also because they felt indignated by the Germans attacking them, the great colonial power - according to the latter theory, it would not only be the UK and the States, but also the French. And though some (older) French might make a few mean coments towards Germans, it's usually very rare and most not-so-old people will in fact be reall nice.

which, again, brings us back to only the Brits and Americans (and Canadians& Australians, but they're more American/British than they think, aren't they) making these 'funny' remarks.

i think it's mostly arrogance and national chauvinism. and idiocy, for some.

just don't let them pull your leg too hard - if they get really annyoing, tell them (don't get super-upset, but say it matter-of-factly) because some might not even realize they are being rude.

just don't let them bug you too much, otherwise they will never stop (trust me on that one..)

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