Monday, December 12, 2011

What do you think of this?


I'm sort of tired of people calling people who like Japan/Japanese culture "weaboos(sp?)" and "mainstream". Yes, I'm aware a lot of people lately have seemed to take an interest in Japan and yes I know people who are clearly not Japanese wish they were born Japanese are annoying. My point is though if I actually have a genuine interest in the culture and language (and no, I'm not going to even bother lying--I love the pop culture as well i.e. manga, anime, Vocaloid) than I don't see why I have to be grouped with people who are just doing it to fit in and/or actually want to change their race. A lot of people I know are like "you'll grow out of it"--but I'm wondering if they would be saying that if it was any other culture other than Japanese. Would that change things? If I were to love France I'm thinking they probably wouldn't have a problem with that and everyone would think it was perfectly okay. >.< What are your thoughts on this?


I do not see any problem with having an interest in Japanese culture or language. If there really are people who pretend and act as if they are Japanese and are not, that is their own business and shouldn't be judged. I also enjoy manga and anime and have done 2 years of japanese language and have never been told Im weird. In my small high school in New Zealand almost everyone likes the Japanese culture and has read a manga comic or two. I hope this is the sort of opinion you were looking for.

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